About me

Hi, I’m Tünde.*

I’m not sure what I want to tell you about myself or this blog, so I’ll tell you only this: I set myself a challenge, to blog every day for a week, starting Sunday October 23, 2016.

Big shout out to Seth Godin and Marie Forleo, who inspired this challenge. Two things in Marie’s recent interview with Seth inspired me: one was Seth’s surprising statement that he’d be blogging daily even if he had no readers, basically because having to publish something every day makes him pay more attention (my words, not his). As a practitioner of mindfulness meditation (in the Shambhala lineage), this piqued my interest — another means to paying more attention to the everyday moment, huh? The other inspiration was their discussion of shipping before you’re ready, focusing on shipping, not polishing, to break the paralysis of rampant perfectionism. This really spoke to me too.

Then what put me over the edge was Marie’s invitation to comment on the interview: “What’s the most significant insight you’re taking away from this conversation and what specific action will you take to bring it to life?” I wrote, “I will test-drive blogging every day, starting Sunday to give myself time to get the website more than half-done. I’m giving myself a week to see how I like it. If I do, I’ll just keep going for another week. Lather, rinse, repeat.” Then I made a pinky swear that I’d do it, under my own name. I doubt anyone would make their way over here to see if I’ve made good on that promise, but just putting it out there publicly (sort of) was enough to get me over the hump.

Game on.

[Update: I managed 5 days, posting later and later each day. Found out I’m not a daily blogging kind of person. My adjusted target is approximately once a week.]

*My name comes from one of the main characters — a fairy — in a 19th century Hungarian play Csongor and Tünde, synopsis here.