A Craving Is Just a Thought

I’ve found mindfulness is helpful for pretty much everything in life, but particularly helpful with weight loss and addictions because it has taught me how to watch my thoughts go by without having to act on them. Mindfulness is all about awareness and attention, and learning how to bring attention back to your breath — or to whatever you choose. And whatever thoughts you may have while you’re on the cushion are perfectly fine, you don’t try to push them down or send them away, but instead you just acknowledge them and move back to the breath.

I came to understand that craving is just a thought, and I know what to do with thoughts (see above). My meditation practice follows me off the cushion and into the rest of my life. So as I go through my day, when I get food cravings I just acknowledge them as thoughts, and then I can move on to have a different thought.

This is the tip of the iceberg about how useful my meditation practice has been on my weight loss journey and in staying sober.

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